GoPro Mobile AppSo the GoPro has a GREAT feature where you can download the GoPro app on your iPhone, iPad, Android phone or tablet and not only view the videos on your GoPro over Wi-Fi, but also see what your GoPro is seeing live while you’re videoing.

The problem is, that feature uses the same frequency band as the Phantom Quadcopter uses for remote control. So DJI says “don’t do it or you could crash your drone!”.

We have tested this out and found that, while it still works, it’s risky and potentially problematic. It may work for a few minutes, then have issues flying when you engage your mobile app. Only try using your mobile app if your drone is in a safe area in case it comes down or spazzes out because of interference.

People have lost their drones in many places (water, buildings, etc.) because of issues like this.