Zenmuse HD-3D Gimbal WideFirst of all, I have to say I LOVE the Zenmuse H3-3D Gimbal. It works incredibly well for what it’s supposed to do, and I don’t know of a better option.

Nothing being without fault, here are the issues that many are having with the H3-3D.

1 – PAINFUL Connection and Removal of GoPro Hero Camera

Do this once and you’ll know what I’m saying. To attach and remove the GoPro from the Gibmal, you have to have a special screwdriver, and remove and replace 2 TINY 2mm hex screws along with the bar that holds the GoPro in place.

THEN – do it all over again when you want to take it back out. It ALMOST justifies buying ANOTHER GoPro just so you DON’T have to do this over and over. ESPECIALLY when there is a lot of action to shoot. It takes minutes to attach or remove, and you need a level place to put the Phantom so you don’t lose the TINY screws. If you do, you’re SCREWED.

What’s needed is a quick-attach and quick-release method to use the GoPro with the Zenmuse. I’m actually very surprised they didn’t figure this out long ago. EVERYTHING that uses a GoPro attachment is easy-on easy-off. EXCEPT Zenmuse Gimbal.

2 – Leg of Phantom Keeps Getting into Video

I can only say this must be a design flaw. When you install the H3-3D Gimbal you notice that there is nothing preventing the Gimbal from moving too far over to the left so that it actually gets the leg of the Phantom in the way of the video (see my post HERE on the problem and how to to alleviate it).

You will read that a firmware update fixes this problem so that the Gimbal will not pan that far, but the firmware update has not fixed anything from our research. You will also read that if you move your Phantom “slowly” it won’t jerk over enough to see it. I ask, why should you have to worry about that?

Here’s what the hideous result looks like when you film. True, you can edit it out in video editing, but again, why should you have to?

Phantom 2 Rail in Video


Even with these issues, which I’m sure will have a resolution at some point, I recommend the Zenmuse HD-3D Gimbal for your drone because it’s made for it and does everything else it’s supposed to do superbly. If you want to look at purchasing one, click HERE.

If you’re not familiar with what a Gimbal does to your drone or Quadcopter, then check out this demonstration video of the Zenmuse HD-3D Gimbal.

Looking to pickup a Zenmuse Gimbal? Check them out here.

Zenmuse HD-3D Gimbal Wide