If you have a Phantom, Phantom 2 or other drone, you may be wondering what the best case is to carry it around with you. There are many options for cases, with drastically different features.

Hard cases, soft cases, suitcases, backpacks, bags, you name it. Some of them OBVIOUSLY not built for your specific drone, but made to force-fit.

Here are some things to consider when looking for a case:

  • Outside Nature Use – Are you going to take your Phantom¬†out in nature? If the answer is yes, you probably do not want to get a hard case with a handle. You will thank yourself if you get a backpack type of case if you are going to do any significant walking or hiking with your drone.
  • Airline Travel – Will you be traveling a lot on planes, and have to check your drone? Many like to carry them onto the plane, but if you will be checking your drone you DEFINITELY need a hard case! Actually, make that a TRIPLE HARD CASE. And make sure you pray the entire flight that baggage handlers will not destroy it while they throw it around and pile heavy bags on top of it (trust us we’ve seen it!).
  • Made For YOUR Drone – Steer clear of the apparent “it fits everything” case¬†not made for your specific drone.
  • How Much Will You Expand – Do you think you will buy more accessories for your Phantom or other drone? If so, make sure you get a case or bag that has room for more STUFF. It’s nice to find the case that fits everything compactly, perfectly. But then as soon as you buy a larger transmitter, or additional components (like even another battery!), you don’t have anywhere to store them.
  • Watch Out for CHEAP Material – MOST of the cases you see out there are made of very cheap material.

For the Phantom and Phantom 2 we recommend this backpack bag that is made of great material (luggage material and a strong leather top) that is sturdy, has room for lots of stuff, and VERY easy to carry wherever you’re going. Click HERE to see more on this case.

DJI Phantom 2 BackpackPhantom 2 Case Inside