DJI Phantom 2Many have complained that when they hook up their GoPro Hero camera to the Phantom or Phantom 2 Quadcopter, the video results in an annoying “whirrring” sound that would ruin any chance of using any audio from the video.

Not that many want the sound of a Phantom Quadcopter Drone in their video, but sometimes it has a desired effect.

The problem seems to lie in the USB connector. This USB connector is for transmitting video to a connected FPV (First Person View) device so that you can see what your GoPro is seeing.

If you are having problems with the sounds as has been reported, and if you are NOT using an FPV solution you can just leave your USB connector unplugged from your GoPro and the sound should go away. It doesn’t affect the flying of the drone in any way.

If you ARE using FPV and need that USB connector to be connected, then some have found that changing the ribbon cable out for a better one has worked.

This video (audio) shows what the problem sounds like (just the last second or so).