Broken Toggle Switch on Phantom 2 RemoteAs we have said in previous articles that DJI does not have a wonderful support system to help you care for and find resolution to issues you have, this is a specific problem you may have to deal with on your own.

What if one of the 3-way switches on your remote breaks off? It doesn’t take much of a jolt to have this problem. If so, you will be searching all over the web to find a way to fix it. Unfortunately you won’t find anything¬†on DJI’s website.

Here’s the non-perfect solution (since no perfect solution can be found yet). Radio Shack carries a 2-way switch that fits your transmitter. Now I know that your current (broken) switch is a 3-way switch. But unless you have used the Phantom RC Assistant software to customize your switches to do something other than the default behavior, the 3 toggles aren’t used anyway. So you wouldn’t notice any difference using a 2-way switch.

As of today, no 3-way replacement switch can be found to purchase. If so we will update this post.

In the mean time, go to Radio Shack and purchase THIS PART. Open your remote and solder off the broken switch and put on the new switch. Simple as that you’re back in business.

Here’s what you’re looking for:

Radio Shack Toggle Switch for Phantom 2 Remote