So you want to get into this amazing new hobby, business, or just some fun recreation? Before you do here are some hints so you don’t jump in too fast and regret the order in which you do it.

#1 – Get What You Need on 1st Quadcopter Purchase

Of course we recommend the Phantom 2 Quadcopter – because DJI has MASTERED the art of making it easy to fly these things with INCREDIBLE stability, with the ability to get AMAZING video out of it. BUT whatever you purchase, YOU ARE GOING TO WANT A GIMBAL to go with it. Mark my words, once you begin flying and realize how much greater video stability you get with a Zenmuse HD-3D Gimbal you will want to immediately go out and purchase one. SAVE the money by getting one when you get the Quadcopter!  You’ll pay at least $100 more if you buy them separately.

We recommend the incredible and affordable DJI Phantom 2 with HD-3D Gimbal combo set. You’ll save bucks and be completely happy with it.

#2 – Decide Which Drone to Get

If you already have a GoPro, then your decision is easy. Get the Phantom 2 Quadcopter above which is built specifically for the GoPro. If you don’t have a GoPro, you may want to consider the Phantom 2 Vision, which includes an integrated HD camera (AND integrated FPV camera) with it. The up-side is the built in FPV, which works with a mobile app so you can see what the drone sees. The downside is the camera is forever attached to the Phantom. With a GoPro you can take it off and use it everywhere else.

#3 – Get the Right Camera

Your camera and Quadcopter must be built for each other. If you plan on doing DSLR video from the sky, you’ll need a much more expensive Quadcopter than what we have told you here. DSLR’s weigh a lot more and it takes twice the quadcopter power to lift them. If you’re ok with the small-camera video like with a GoPro, get the industry standard GoPro Hero series. They are everywhere and it’s incredibly cheap and easy to get accessories for them. For example, I just purchased a lense kit for my DSLR online, and guess what it came with? 2 extra GoPro batteries! They weren’t even related to each other, but that’s how prominent GoPro accessories are nowadays.